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We live by the ocean, and a river that feeds into the ocean that is a dog park. Our dog swims almost every day. We had a traditional collar on her but it just smelled sour from being wet. I saw an add for the Rustic Hound collars and have ordered two of them, (gave one to a family member for their dog as a gift), and just ordered one for our dog as well. They are great, never a smelly collar again. LOVE!

Debra, and Sookie the Border Collie mix



Bailey is full of energy and always on the go. Yesterday, my mom and I gave him and his sister, Allie, baths outside. Bailey has to stay on leash since he gets a little too excited about his bath time and will just end up running around the back yard. Every time he would get a bath, his collar would smell like wet dog and it was horrible.... until now! We had his Rustic Hound collar on for his bath, and it's the FIRST time that we didn't have to deal with a collar smelling like a wet dog. Thank you for making an awesome collar that can be in the water and that I can personalize! He loves it!



 I just got my Bubba a collar the other day and it looks awesome on him, its thick and durable, as my dog can be a handful at times, the charms are awesome and you customize it anyway you want. There is nothing else out there like these collars, I have searched the web for a while for something unique and I found it. Highly recommend this collar to any shape, size of dog, OH and they are waterproof!!!



 We recently won a collar for our girl Sky, and loved it so much we couldn't wait to get one for our male Dane Max.   got it today in the mail and he looks so good wearing it. They are great, my Danes play hard together and now they look so good with their collars.

-Debbie, and her Great Danes Sky and Max


We love this collar! It is way sturdier than I expected and I you can dress it up for any time of year. My pup plays hard and gets dirty, finally a collar I can just rinse off and go, no smell!!!! What a great buy :)

- Melinda, and Dairy the Great Dane/Great Pyraneese


I was really surprised when I opened the package at how sturdy and thick the collar is. This is one hell of a collar. I really mean that.

-Debbie, and Coco the Pit Bull


The collar that finally keeps up with the dog!! Henley's red collar with skull and crossbone charms has held up strong through months of rough play, including rolling in the dirt (and poo...), and is so easy to clean! Henley loves all the compliments he gets, and continues to spread the word about where he got his rockin collar!

-Sarah, and Henley her Lab Mix

I just got back from the beach and Cash and I were gettin pounded in the waves and NEVER lost a charm! Love my collar...back to skulls and crossbones, makes a Buster feel tough! ~ 

My parents were skeptical about buying me a collar because I hardly wear one...but they all loved it! My mom loved the color & cute charms, my Dad loved how sturdy it was, and I'm just happy I can continue to look like a princess!

-Dakota the White shepherd, and her Mom Amy


I know for a fact that these collars are safe, durable and that the charms stay in place!! I have a rambunctious Rottie that is all over the place.. I am confident enough to stand behind this product..awesome!!

- Vernessa, and Bear the Rottie


I just received the collar from the Big Bark giveaway. I was absolutely ASTOUNDED when the collar arrived today, it is BEAUTIFUL. It was better than I could have imagined and I am so happy to have one of your awesome collars.

-Cassandra, and Frisbee

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